Local Entrepreneurship Network and Environmental Conservation (LENEC)
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Local Entrepreneurship Network and Environmental Conservation

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Tree Nurseries-Transplanting Initiative

Environmental Education Department was successful facilitated to provide the environmental information to the Youth who reside at Mazimbo ward. The initiative was extremely able to give environmental conservation spirit to more than fourty ( 40 ) youth which the Youth partnership emerged with intention of raising the seed monies for starting mini-tree nursery that later on the transplanting process took place to the areas with treeless at the same ward.

Youth-Group soon after Tree-planting

Water Catchment Study tour Event

Water and Irrigation Department was arranged the study tour at Udzungwa Forestry Reserve that involved the Youth and local Community in Morogoro region. The Udzungwa Forestry Reserve is among of the 25 wonderful attractive sites in the world. The reserve is accommodated with different varieties of wild species including Flora and Fauna. The particular study tour aimed at studying the water catchment sources at those areas. The occasion was guided with the major theme Conserve water sources for livelihood improvement. The Study tour associated 28 numbers of Youth and Local communities who resided at Kilakala, basically, the participants enjoyed enough and learnt the important things from that Forestry reserve. The three (3) members out of 28 participants managed to reach at the highest waterfall point with the maximum of 800m above the sea level.

Youth-Group at Udzungwa Highest pick