Local Entrepreneurship Network and Environmental Conservation (LENEC)
Inspires and Acts for development

Local Entrepreneurship Network and Environmental Conservation

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UNGO is an umbrella organization responsible for initiating and strengthening collaboration, cooperation and networking amongst its members by facilitating capacity building, coordination of Lobbying and Advocacy and linking with external like-minded organizations.


YALDA is a non-profit international organization that was established in order to create a resourceful networking database for those with a strong interest in Africa.


PIA is a youth-led Organization that deals with the collection of information from various reputable sources and disseminating them to the people through different means in order to improve their understanding capacity by filling the gap of knowledge.

Chilunga Cultural Tourism (CCT):

Is  a local NGO based in Morogoro, Tanzania that runs the program through Chilunga Nature Conservation which directly involves in designing and organizing the tours and showing tourists aspects of the life they live.

Afro Teen Talents (ATT):

Is a Non-Governmental Organization with the main objective of providing productive outlets for teens to combat poverty, illiteracy, boredom and stress in their lives in Tanzania.